Hi, I’m Charlotte, I’m a consumer brand consultant and business growth advisor who combines 25+ years of business experience.

I work with founder led businesses with an established marketing function, who sell their brand to consumers, typically with £5m+ turnover.

I founded SUN BRAND and started working for myself in 2015 after 20 years of developing brands and marketing teams in the health and well being industry.  Having refined my management, leadership and influencing skills and completing numerous brand and project launches in the UK and international markets, I decided to use this knowledge and expertise to help CEOs achieve strategic brand growth by unlocking the issues holding marketing back.


My biggest achievement in corporate life was when I was responsible for leading the worldwide roll out strategy and transformation of          Rescue Remedy®, previously lost on the natural health food shelves, it was transformed to pop off the shelf with its bright yellow pack and connect with consumers in need of solutions when living their stressful lives, I added over £30m turnover to business and its been recognised as a ‘lovemark’ (Saatchi & Saatchi’s description for brands which hold a consumer connection that inspire loyalty beyond reason).

At 38, I was the youngest female appointed to the board of International family owned business, A Nelson & Co Ltd.  I brought the marketing discussion to the executive level, transforming the conversations and focus on growth led strategies driven from consumer insight.

Whilst I enjoyed the benefits and security that a board director position gave my family, I had a desire to support as many marketing managers in their quest to be heard  and to be given the opportunity to stretch their marketing from operational to strategic.  I feel the marketing role has been diluted over the past few decades and marketers can easily be distracted or pulled  from pillar to post with conflicting business objectives.  My mission is to support businesses to clarify their thinking and focus their efforts to allow their brand shine.

So, in April 2015 SUN BRAND was born to support businesses who are large enough to invest  but more importantly with the curiosity, open mind and willingness to work hard to find the ‘nuggets’ to unlock their business opportunities.

I have been fortunate to work with many established and new brands in the health and well being sector.  Clients comment that I have a gift of bringing out the potential in others, by encouraging considered debate, having skills to facilitate in straight forward way.  I believe this comes from my Danish heritage and belief we should always enjoy business; it shouldn’t be a chore.

I believe in soft power leadership and working alongside my clients so we can shine together.


Over the years I have worked with a variety of associates to deliver SUN BRAND workshops, depending on the clients needs, the brand and category they operate in.  We will ensure the right facilitators and trainers support your project.    I have built up a great contact book over the years across retail, commercial and training, all with experienced professionals from household names to niche brands.  

We have experience in the following categories; Feminine Hygiene, Male grooming, Stress and Sleep, Health Food, Probiotics, Topical Analgesics, Cold and Flu, Cosmetics and Skin and body care, with perspectives from manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

I will be the main contact for initial client consultation, to understand the needs and to prepare a proposal and will be the main lead for project work, I will then on-board the appropriate associates with seamless briefing, if required.    From a logistics point of view,  meeting management and venue co-ordinator, my trusted personal assistant Alexia Padgham will be a familiar name, who is fantastic at keeping us all accountable.


  • We believe in creating an environment of trust, integrity and open communication in business

  • We believe in collaborative working, allowing considered debate and exploring feelings

  • We believe in customer driven leadership and  building a habit that ensures consumers are at the heart of every business conversation

  • We believe when we know what we care about (our values) our voice becomes louder, we are heard.


We get to the bottom of an issue, seeking out the route cause, figuring out what consumers really think and what influences their buying decision and what is driving a business challenge.
At times, questioning like a child asking Why? Why? Why?  We believe drilling down to a deeper issue through intelligent questioning will draw out true insight and open your eyes to a bigger question to be answered for a brand.

In partnership to truly realise a Brands potential by drawing out the best skills and ideas within companies, inspiring thought, to unlock a ‘ta dah’ moment which can make all the difference to your thinking.

Bridging the gap from brand philosophy to profit – always a practical marketer with an eye on the bottom line with the sensitivity to nurture what’s right for a brand.


We  will use a variety of techniques, tools, coach and mentor to support your needs, tailored with the sole ambition to shine alight on success of your business, your people and your brand. We will guide your team through a proven process to gain fast-track results.


We deliver;

  • Brand Positioning 

  • Business Purpose, Vision, Values and Mission 

  • Strategic Brand Planning

  • Effective Business Planning

  • New Product Direction

  • Building effective product training programmes



We have a variety of  workshops designed to support your team to explore, define and clarify the right strategy for your brand.  To find out more, contact us to arrange a discovery call.