Are you Struggling with…..

  • Finding the right words to convey your business or brand?

  • Not attracting the right type of consumers  or clients?

  • Feeling frustrated that you are getting involved in work that doesn’t fit what you are about

  • Your marketing is not ‘joined up’?

Businesses often get caught up in the day to day, creating sales and marketing collateral to drive sales.  This leaves little time to review what the brand stands for, its values or how its viewed in the customers eyes and how it sits within the strategy of the business. 

This can result in a confused brand, with no reason for being, no guiding principles underpinning it and a team who are confused on how to describe it and market it, both internally and externally.


In my experience, you cannot have a meaningful marketing plan without understanding your brand positioning.


It’s a summary of the key elements that summarise what is distinct about your brand in the eyes of the customer/ consumer.

We all have brands that we love and admire, they will be unique to every individual.  I personally  would never give up my apple iphone, I always buy Robinsons squash and it would take a lot of persuading for me to trade in my trusted VW Golf. 

By understanding your brand positioning, you will unpick why your ideal customer is so passionate about your brand, which in turn will provide powerful intel  for future communications and business development.


It is created by answering a series of questions and working through exercises to draw out reflections to clarify your thinking.   This is unique, personal and distinct to your business.   It requires commitment, energy and reflection time, this is not a 5 minute exercise.



  • Gain clarity to enable them to make quick decisions

  • Stretch their thinking, allowing fresh ideas to spring to mind

  • Management their brand and business with ease and flow

  • Increase their work speed as they are no longer second guessing or over thinking

  • Stop questioning, no more ‘should we?’ ‘are we?’ ‘is this us?’ conversations

  • Reduce frustrating discussions

  • Focus on what your business can deliver

A clearly defined brand positioning is your business springboard

Optibac logo.jpg

I feel we all collectively came to an understanding/visual of the brand.  I see it clearly, it will impact NPD, messages and marketing.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  (Laura)

This will provide clarity in terms of our approach and decision making, guidance and direction in terms of strategy.” (Zoe)

Various delegates, OptiBac probiotics (Wren)  Project: Brand Positioning Workshop

“We worked with Charlotte in the early stage of development of Alchemy Natural Care.  Her industry expertise and enthusiasm for our product offered us great encouragement.  Through Charlotte, we learnt the importance of having branding that reflects the truth of the product which led us to re-brand and re-launch...”

Gary Gibbons, Root and Flower (was Alchemy Natural Care) Project: Brand Positioning


This programme is for any business or brand who wishes to clarify their brand positioning.  We have worked with small family firms to large consumer brands.  If you are;

  • A marketer seeking support and coaching to fast track your brands positioning

  • An owner of a small business wishing to clarify the position to focus your marketing efforts

  • Starting a new venture and trying to establish a brand position


A structured group programme delivered by a choice of;

  •  a 6 week on-line accelerator workshop (max 6 participants)

  • or 2 day face-to-face workshop (max 12 particpants)

Both programmes require pre-work and working tasks will be given to be completed throughout the process.

Support and feedback on the brand positioning steps completed is given as your work develops throughout the programme.

This is an intensive programme and you will be asked to fully participate in the process, to reflect on work developed and build your understanding as you complete your unique brand positioning.


Then your first action is to book a call  to  discuss how we could help